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The Billing Tab in settings allows you to see the details of your plan, change your plan, and see past invoices.

Change your Plan

To change your plan, select the “Change Plan” button in the bottom of the Plan Details Box or the top left box of the settings tab.

Upgrade Your Plan

To upgrade your plan, select the plan you are looking to switch to. After selecting the new plan, you will be directed to a payment page that is controlled by the third party payment processor stripe.

Cancel Your Plan

To cancel your plan, select the “Cancel my Plan” text. This will prompt you to confirm that you want to cancel your plan. Cancelling your plan will keep your company active for 90 days, giving you time to decide if you want to come back. After 90 days, all company data will be deleted.


Invoices are shown at the bottom of the Billing Tab. Select “Download” to download the invoice for your records.

Your Info

Your info is a place to edit your contact information.

Pay Periods and Overtime

Adjust the details of your Pay Periods and Overtime

Pay Periods

Overtime Policies





CSV Templates


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